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TFR Bust will anyone hire me now?

Hey guys, I nicked the P-40 TFR recently after a mix up happened with flight following and a bit of confusion. I didn’t get greeted by any F-15s or secret service. Basically I am getting hit with “carelessness and recklessness”, “TFR Violation”, and 30 day suspension. All of the legalities have been dealt with so “lawyering up” is no longer an option. This first time offense can’t be the end of my flying career can it??

My main question is will any airline/company hire me with these violations on my record? I’m an Instrument rated pilot working on my Commercial certificate with a little over 200hrs.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has been hired with a violation or knows of anyone who has. Thanks!

A fellow pilot in need of help

I would try some of the flying forums. Good start would be pprune.org
Then you can check other flying pilot forums. Piper cessna forums.

First off, sorry about your misfortune, as pilots we have all made mistakes. The bad news is that the suspension will hurt you, at least for the five years until it clears. Don’t try to hide it from potential employers, talk about it honestly. I went through the same thing for a paperwork issue (invalid ferry permit) on a flight where nothing occurred, no accident, incident or injuries. Initially the FAA wanted a 7 month suspension and I negotiated down to a civil penalty. It went on my record as a violation but I was able to keep flying. I brought it up in an airline interview and was hired, also brought it up in 2 corporate interviews (135 and 91) and was also hired both times. Good luck.