Req info at writing tail numbers down at Teterboro…

Every time i visit the Boro i get moved on by the police/security even when well away from fence.

I try to explain that tail numers are collected by aircraft spotters.

Even sat at hotel 1/2 mile away sat on balcony the police tell me stop.

I am not breaking the law,plesae can anyone offer some ideas…



What you are doing is entirely legal. The cops are not allowed to do what they are doing as long as you are on public property in a place not marked as do not enter.

You may wish to visit the chief of police or some other high ranking cop and explain to him what you are doing. Then, get something in writing to show the cops that are hassling you.

Another idea is to talk to the airport management. Explain to him what you are doing. Also explain that as a regular visitor you could be another set of eyes in reporting suspicious activities.

A lot of what you described has happened to photographers also. Join the Bradley Airport Yahoo group and read the postings there. They have come up with some ideas to stop the harassment.


Good luck, the cops in that area are as bad as Massport cops. Logic does not apply.

How the heck did you get ‘caught’ doing that from a hotel? I’ve sat by my window many an hour at the Hasbrook Heights Hilton watching the action at TEB.


I have afew suggestions for you;

taess.org.uk/ If desired you can obtain a ID that is recognized by spotters world wide, and associated with UK Police.

njahof.org/home.html Stop in and visit the Teterboro Airport Museum, say hello, tell them what you do, leave your name, get there name as reference and ask for suggestions, or who else you can talk to.

cnyaviation.com/ This is New York Aviation, but if your visiting TEB, I’ll assume you visit NY airports as well. Again, get references, ask for suggestions.

panynj.gov/CommutingTravel/a … b_fbo.html With your references from above, approach the 5 FBO’s at TEB, only talk with the people in charge, again, let them know who you are, what you do.

panynj.gov/feedback.php Leave feedback for the people who run the airport, give them your references from above, and ask for suggestions.

Once you find out who is on your side, write down their name, title, contact information, and call the local police, or who ever you are being bothered by, find out who the Liaison/Community/Public Relations officer, explain the situation, offer your references - and let them know who you are.

If you sign up at TAESS above, I’m sure they will be more than willing to talk to the police, and if need be, they’ll have the UK police call your local police.

As for fun TEB websites, this one is the best;


KEEP NOTES; write down who you spoke to, when you talked to them, their title, contact info.

Anyone that helps you, or seems ‘friendly enough’, call them back to give them an update, anything positive, the idea is to leave your name, say hello, just so they are reminded who you are.