testing image posting


Please excuse this post. I am trying to verify if I can post an image.

And the answer is that I cannot. Is there HELP feature for posting that would explain how to post an image on this forum?

hi tdrane,

as far as i know you cannot upload pictures/files to flightaware forum.
i use dropbox ā†’ upload my pix/files there ā†’ and then use the img-tag-button to embed the full url to picture on dropbox ā€¦




Thanks, Tom.

Your example code told me all I needed to know.

My cloud storage is Google Drive. There is no facility within Google drive that I have found to directly link a file in its native format.

Now to go find a cloud with a silver lining.

After much searching and many dead ends, I have found a valid method linking to a Google Drive resident image:


This file is in a public folder on my Drive account. Typical of Google, one must jump through hoops to make it happen. I will now embark on finding an easy method to do this. Once Iā€™m satisfied with my work, I will post it here and on the ADB-S forum.