test of electric-driven main gear

Interesting test of electric-driven main gear. Hope it works fine and the FAA doesn’t take decade to approve it.

Interesting, I thought it was a retract/extend system which would require massive amounts of electricity. Instead they are motors in both main wheels allowing pilots or maintenance crews to taxi the airplane forward and backward without running the engines.

And the motors can be used to slightly spin up the wheels just before landing, reducing scrub wear.

I wonder how long until these systems become commonplace. The higher fuel prices go, the more economical it would be to add these systems. Just think of all the fuel burned while jets are taxiing or waiting in line on the taxiway. Not to mention the reduction in FOD and jetblast issues during taxi.

It is a very good idea, BUT the only issue that I could forsee, what if the plane gets all the way out to the runway to only find out that an engine will not start? Yes, it could just taxi back to the gate under the power of the electric motors, but would they catch crap from the airport if it becomes too common? Just a random thought that came to me.