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Temp Piaware access at Disney World

Hello. Not sure if this is inappropriate or not, but I am heading down to Disney World for the next week. Would anyone in the Lake Buena Vista area with a PiAware/Flightfeeder be willing to share their public address so I could check out the live traffic around there?


You’ve been running your own site for six months.
Have you tried to connect to your own site from outside your local network?

Is this more or less what you are after?

His site is not at Lake Buena Vista, that’s why he is asking for access to a site operated there.

Sure. That is self evident.
However, the process of logging into your own site (externally) is the same as as it would be to log into someone else’s. It is something you can try and in so doing, discover the process and limitations.

I was prompting the OP to discover it is not just a matter of knowing the public IP.

of course not. If somebody is willing to share his view, this person
needs to either open a port on his Router or use a DynDNS service.

I would expect that the OP knows that

Wow, I didn’t realize this would be such a complicated request.

I’ve been able to find a couple of public PiAware sites on Google in the NY/NJ area, but nothing down in Florida.

Thanks for all the responses.

I guess I’ll just use the FlightAware app (with the delay). Of course, with the amount of air traffic down there, it will be hard to tell which plane is over head at that instant.

Merry Christmas everyone!

just to reply to geckoVN,
Yes, I have accessed my site many times from the outside world. I have set up a DynamicDNS account for my PiAware device and access all the time, maybe a little to much from work…

Thanks for your replies. This PiAware/ADS-B stuff is pretty addicting…

I’m a FlightFeeder host and live right off WDW Property, Reedy Creek, LBV area.