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Might have been posted before and sure it will be pointed out if so but…

Do any of the networks have aircraft? With the terrorist attacks in Mumbai last night, ABC had reporters there for tonights broadcast. Seems rather quick for commercial flights.


They may charter aircraft or use a fractional company like NetJets for their aircraft needs.

I did find a Galaxy registered to CBS Mass Media when I looked in the FAA Aircraft Registry. The aircraft is blocked from tracking.

The aircraft may also be owned by holding companies for the networks.


There are already televisions crews deployed in various parts of the world,most of the Us Networks have Europe Headquarters in London among other places so they can move fairly quick if something happens.Also free-lancers may shoot the video and give a particular network exclusive rights for a fee of course.


It is possible that ABC Network could have aircraft registered under various ‘shell’ companies owned by Disney. Disney’s aircraft are notoriously difficult to find in the registry, though they are there. If someone doesn’t know, The Walt Disney Company is the parent company of ABC Network and ESPN.


In addition, NBC seems to use NetJets, as damiross says. At least they always seem to for flights related to The Today Show.