Technology oriented squawks


Of late I have become fairly active participant as a non aviator. I have noticed that almost all topics posted and discussed are limited to flying (piloting) only. I am sure that the members on this portal as well as on the FA’s staff must be engineers and persons other than pilots. So why there is dearth of non piloting squawks :question: And if a topic is added, either it receives no response or the responses are unconstructive. :open_mouth:
:arrow_right: I introduced GE9X engine related topic recently but response ? Pathetic!
:bulb: I am sure even some one from staff can set the ball rolling by adding a topic now and then ! Let members diversify into technology also and see beyond flying only.
It is the technology that makes these birds of metal fly . :unamused: Not nature. Not pilots. :wink:


Is very interesting topic this one you present, I am a maintenance engineer and by this time I am dealing with HOT ENGINE START UP in Gulfstream II, I will appreciate any comment that comes from person who have had the same sqwak to resolve.

Only one non agreement with your comment, the aircrafts fly by the synergy of all the people that work on them (Maintenance crew, flight crew, ground support crew, aro ais personnel, wheater men, air traffic controllers, and plus if I forget anyone) all of them handling the technology and doing your best pursue the goal to assure a safe flight.
FYI I am in agreement that the most comments are related with flight squaks, but the question is IF THE AIRCRAFTs FLY the squaks appears in this moment and the tech crews are in charge to solve them, maybe some times the involvement of them in this forums is not so common like the pilots did and in this way, maybe your appreciation is like the matter is not treated in tech terms and most in operative terms, but I think that is a subject to share and not to think that one is most importat than the other. :laughing:


Friend that has been the key word for every activity, physical and/or chemical, always . Since well before the creation of Solar system ! ! .
My main emphasis is on the bond that is built between wo/man and machine ! I am a creation of Engineering+Management. Hence I have been taught a vee bit differently. Like many of my creed.
Here, every one talks of the physicality of the human(pilot) skill , and not about knowing the machine and her responses !
Yes, in context of mishaps the response of machine is less important yet for making last second corrections machine-human interface plays the sole important role !
Do you not read often that ‘’ if the correction were made a few seconds earlier …’’ and so on .
That is what I meant.