Tech and Media Mogul Summer Camp


I drove by the Hailey, Idaho (Sun Valley) airport today and noted an incredible amount of bizjet activity. Big stuff – Gulfstreams, Falcon Trijets, Citation X’s. Came home, checked FlightAware and, yep, it’s been real busy today.

Some more searching revealed that the tech and media moguls are descending on Sun Valley for their annual meetings. You can figure out some of them, i.e. a G-IV from Omaha is probably Warren Buffet. But the one I can’t figure out is a RJA1 “Royal Jordanian” that flew in from a RAF base. It doesn’t even list the A/C type.

In any event, here is a link to a story on the gathering.


I did some searching and found the answer. The King of Jordan is giving a speech at the confab. So RJA1 is his bird.