Teamviewer on 7.2

Hi does Teamviewer work on 7.2 please?


Short answer is yes.
However, if you are using the SD card image or package install without a desktop, personally I would just use ssh.
If you really want to go with TeamViewer on a version without a desktop, then this might help:

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It’s also depending on what kind of operating system you are running on the hardware.
As an example, Teamviewer is running fine with Bullseye on a Raspberry Pi but when using a Orange Pi with Armbian Bullseye it will fail to install.
So the dependency is more on the operating system then on the version of Piaware image or package installation.


One easy way to achieve a similar capability is to use VNC, which comes built in with Raspbian, and gives you full desktop viewing capability for a headless device. This avoids the need for deploying Teamviewer for linux packages. However, I am aware that TeamViewer gives built in unattended access including ability to be used through a firewall without complexity. This is also possible using VNC and SSH forwarding. If that is your application (remote unattended PiAware inside a firewall) I can help provide instructions for setup. I use SSH for most things but sometimes it is nice to see the webpages with the stats and I can do this fully remotely with VNC.

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