Taxiway Wing Clipping Epidemic


I know, two clippings do not make an epidemic. Strange than the latest two, I believe, were both at DC airports, Reagon National and Dulles, each government-run.

That Reagan would be a taxing problem, sure, but Dulles? Arriving back at IAD last evening [Tues. Feb. 26], on a UA 737, 1L, I did listen in on a lot of frequency changes to get from 1L to gate D18, which isn’t all that far.

Why are so many frequency changes necessary? Is this unique with IAD, or is this fairly typical across the country? Are there any major or mid-sized commercial airports where ground operations run exceptionally well and should be used as modelsl?


You mean *federal *government ran, right? Many, if not most, airports are ran by a government agency.


IAD has two ground control frequencies, East and West. If you land on the east side and have to taxi to the west side you’ll get a frequency change. Then perhaps another change to gate control when approaching the designated ‘spot’.
It’s not at all uncommon, and I highly doubt frequency changes have anything to do with airplanes colliding on the ground.


Certainly, Federal-Gov’t run.

I can imagine IAD will only get worse with the opening of the third N/S runway.