Tar1090 - warning on ADSBExchange

I am getting a warning by using the tar1090 instance on ADSBExchange:

I am using the latest Microsoft Edge version and do not get this message while opening my local raspberry tar1090 instance.

Beside the message, the site seem to be working.


Answering to my own issue, just in case somebody gets it as well.

This can be fixed by a setting in Edge, following this instructions:
webassembly is not defined on ms-edge in github editor [FIXED] - Stack Overflow

This removes the setting to open sites only without just-in-time compilation.
If enabled it’s an additional security feature, obviously in Edge only.

You mean /?feed ?
Yeah it’s not really necessary for that, let me make an exception.

It’s just for the global data loading.

No, not this extension in URL. I received the message by simply open tar1090.adsbexchange.com without anything else in URL

As said, issue is only in Edge with the given specific security setting.

If I enter tar1090.adsbexchange.com the connected url is globe.adsbexchange.com.
I’ve never received an error using Firefox browser.

As i said, it happens to me only in Edge - it’s a known issue regarding data protection.

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