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Tar1090 on rpi with nginx


Do it like this, with date :slight_smile:
You’ve checked the history tab on the left side?

I’ve done some modifications in the last couple of days, you might want to compile my current readsb dev version and update your tar1090.

I didn’t notice the history until you mentioned it. I don’t have enough hits to find more than one historical flight on the planes with history.

The tar1090 update had no drama. I didn’t notice what was different.

The readsb is just one line?

sudo dpkg-buildpackage -b --build-profiles=rtlsdr
dpkg-buildpackage: error: cannot open file debian/changelog: No such file or directory

The page looks different.

The key word here is current, probably easiest for you to just follow these steps again:


You should at least the current flight as a historical flight.
In history mode you can click on the tracks to move the plane to that point in time and then start playback of the trace.

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