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Tar1090 -- improved webinterface for dump1090-fa and readsb

Or not too many flights over North Sea?

No, I meant to say it is fairly comparable. :slight_smile:

Difference is just another location (Ridderkerk, the Netherlands), lower text and icon size and higher resolution (monitor has a 2550x1440 resolution) which causes the lines appearance to be thinner.

The 40000 ft outline doesn’t match at all though, that’s what i was pointing out.
Such discrepancy is usually caused by the little checkbox selection of altitude above ground vs above sea level when creating the panorama.

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I have tried to edit my panorama and I still have the old one.
Is there a way to remove it?
I have tried to rename the /usr/local/share/tar1090/html/upintheair.json.bak and I still see the contour.

Force refresh the browser.

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Ah, checked the setting but the antenna height is correct (antenna base is at 36ft above sea level). The little gltich in the NNE is caused by a nearby building.


Keep forgetting to do that. Thanks!
That worked.

edit: wrong url

As opposed to the nice round and uniform reception graphs, mine is not that nice.
The air corridors are aligned with the US East coast and out in the ocean there is another ATC boundary, not used by too many commercial flights. Lots of military flights go that direction, and not all appear on the map.

I think that’s outside US airspace, so all internal flights try to stay inside US airspace.
The FIR UIR (upper information region) is called NEW YORK HIGH . To the right of it there is NEW YORK OCEANIC.

Exact same issue here, just a couple hundred miles north, lol. At least I catch some of the international flights into/out of the NY airports.
Costal reception really cuts into the perfect reception ring that’s possible.

If using FA’s website map, sure. But if you’re looking at tar1090, that should show all MLAT tracks (including military & the NBAA’s LADD flights), right? Or does that only appear if you feed somewhere like ADSBx as well, that doesn’t censor?
When Biden’s staying in Delaware I always see stratotankers (IIRC) circling that area of DE, I assume for the Airforce One mid-air refueling contingency, in the local tar1090 display.

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Not at all. I have the AirForce One plane doing touch-and-go training at my local airport, basically above my house, and is not on the local radar. Or all the F22’s tandem flights from AFB Langley - not on screen. Only the training ones.

I don’t mind. And I won’t feed ADSBx, the Chinese have enough data about our military, without me helping them.

If military flights don’t want to be tracked they can turn off their ADS-B and ADS-C transponders. If they don’t turn them off they don’t care if the Chinese or anyone else knows where they are. It’s as simple as that.


I think some flights have Mode-S that can be MLAT-ed.

Those can also be switched off, can’t they?

Of course. It’s silly to think China, or any other nation, is relying on volunteer feeders, that are listening to publicly broadcasted messages, for their intelligence :laughing:.


But it is equally silly to think that any of them would forego freely available information to supplement other intelligence methods.

It’s not like they sit around the conference table and say “Can’t use that - it comes from volunteers, can be easily validated across multiple systems, and it’s free! We’d be silly to make use of that!”

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I’m sure it’s one of their sources though. They’d be silly not to take advantage of publicly-available data. I’m also sure they don’t rely 100% on ADSB Exchange for said data. It’s just one of many sources of intelligence that their analysts use.

Other than if there’s, say, a massive air launch headed toward China I would think they’re more concerned about being able to predict America’s long-range plans and activities. Tracking what planes are going where and where they came from is just one small piece of the puzzle.

It may well be that the US wants China to have this data for reasons of their own, otherwise most if not all military planes would be ordered to fly without transponders operating, or the military would develop their own encrypted tracking system rather than using the in-the-clear civilian version. (They may actually have this already in addition to the civvie ones for all I know.)

In any event, it’s foolish to think that not feeding a particular flight tracking site is doing anything positive to hinder any country’s intelligence operations. They’ve been in the game since long before there were any such things as Raspberry Pis, SDR dongles and all that.


You are silly. It is called “data aggregation and multiplication of intelligence” and every nation does it.
Except US, our military leaders are preoccupied with social justice now days, but that’s something that I don’t want to get into.
Heck, even Google, facebook and similar companies do it.
Is not like a person sitting and looking at those feeds, there are powerful computer clusters, fed with data from many sources.

What is Data Aggregation? Examples of Data Aggregation by Industry | Import.io

But this is OT here, so I’ll stop.

I have two dump1090-fa instances: dump1090-fa and dump1090-fa2 running simultaneously.
How can I get the tar1090 to pick up the dump1090-fa2? After installation I got the tar1090 pointed directly to the dump1090-fa data.

Thank you

See multiple instances of the readme: https://github.com/wiedehopf/tar1090#tar1090