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Tar1090 -- improved webinterface for dump1090-fa and readsb

For me works fine, I can switch trough all three of them in the cogwheel interface.
Version 210604

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Cache? Did you try viewing incognito or a different browser?

Any idea what these strange marks are?

I have not seen them before and I only see it on one Receiver covering that area.

We are just coming to the end of another 2 week Covid-19 lockdown and the weather has been attrocious the last two days (100km/hr wind and heavy rain and hail). Hence the complete absence of light planes.

Any enlightenment greatly appreciated.


Looks like debugging for the speed filter in tar1090 …
But that usually needs to be enabled or it won’t show.

Is it connected with selecting a certain aircraft or not?


And to all the people who couldn’t reproduce it, you didn’t read correctly.
It’s not after changing it, but after refreshing the page with the setting not being aeronautical.

Anyhow anything but aeronautical units is blasphemy! :wink:

Edit: … forgot to push, now fixed for real.


It is just a Flightaware image with tar1090 and graph1090 and a couple of other feeders added.

No debugging turned on and no other fiddling.

Yes, the top one in the aircraft list was selected.

Not concerned, just curios as it look a bit like wind speed and direction indicators but they were pointing in the wrong direction. We had 100kph winds through South East Australia last night and I was trying to work out if it was related.

Over 100,000 homes in Victoria are still without power including one of my remote sites at Philip Island.



Ouch and good luck with further weather.

So i’m not sure why that debug feature is showing for you.
Seems like a recent enough version … not sure honestly.

What i meant, if you select another aircraft do the wind barb looking things go away or do they stay?

So if i’m not mistaken that might indeed be locations that were discarded by tar1090 as they were implausible (which makes sense for the selected aircraft).

Any idea what i did wrong?

One one feeder the aircraft is shown with route information, on the other device the information is missing…

It’s also not shown while hovering with the mouse over the aircraft on map

I’ll disable all that stuff by default so this question doesn’t come up any more.
I don’t want to support that any more.
It’s data from the planefinder client.