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Tar1090 -- improved webinterface for dump1090-fa and readsb

I have figured out setting "show tracks for the last xx hours,
my question is there an easy way to display past tracks for a time frame several days back using the ?pTracks=

There was an F-16 crash up in the UP of Michigan (within my normal receive range) two days ago and wanted to see if I can pull the tracks from that given time period.

The time saved is set in the /etc/default/tar1090 configuration file, please see the github readme.

The option in the URL is only able to restrict the total available time to display only recent data.


A bit late, but thank you for the latest update (dec 6th)

The new NOAA radar layer seems identical to the existing NEXRAD radar, but any new weather-related addition is welcome. :sunglasses:

NEXRAD is operated by NWS, part of NOAA:

Is there a way to not lose the data captured and plotted by tar1090 after a reboot? I looked at the GitHub document and it seems separate instances are not a solution.

No there is not.
Hmm i mean … i’m doing some stuff for collectd … i suppose i could work on that.
But it makes configuration changes and such and state keeping much harder.

Any reason you need to reboot? :slight_smile:

First off, thank you for your work. I am new to all of this but really appreciate all that is done so far. It’s really cool stuff.

The reason why I need to reboot is because I am going to be conducting a little experiment: My plan is to test signal range by putting an adsb receiver into a fixed wing RC plane. I am going to have the plane loiter for an hour or two at 400ft and capture data. I have already charted out theoretical ranges using heywhatsthat. I like how the heywhatsthat range outline can be overlaid onto the tar1090 map and would like to see how the data in tar1090?pTracks looks with the heywhatsthat boundary after the sample period. I suppose I could capture screen grabs of the data from tar1090 before I pull the power to the pi. I was hoping to be able to analyze the data sample more at a later time and be able to click on the captured tracks and filter data. It’s all just a fun project combining some hobbies :slight_smile:

That seems like a straight forward solution.
Really this stuff isn’t meant for permanent storage, sorry.

I do some stuff in my readsb fork that’s meant for permanent storage but that’s complicated to explain how to set up … and i do change stuff freqently.
I’m afraid you’d have to code the changes you need yourself :wink:

Yup that’s all I’ll do then. No need to over complicate things for this. Thanks!

Yes I understand that, but that does not explain the difference between the NEXRAD layer and the NOAA Radar layer. Is there a type of radar available from NOAA that is NOT NEXRAD? Not as far as I know, but who knows. Not exactly a critical issue anyway.

Question re (V) View and (T) options selected at the same time. Should/Can the tracks shown only be the aircraft in the current view? It shows all tracks. Usually not an issue except during busy times (very occasionally lately :grin: ) Was just trying to watch a few aircraft at a time landing and the other tracks from overhead are a little distracting. Nothing major, just wondering. Thank you.

Not sure … i’ll probably just leave it as is.
V is mostly for the list on the right.

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Since rebooting my Pi earlier today I’m having problems with tar-1090-persist. I had it setup for a 24hr record following the instruction at GitHub for tar1090 and it worked fine, displaying a history of the tracks as they evolved over the 24hr period. Since rebooting it is giving me a different display. It only appears to be retaining a partial history and the display shows both current aircraft (live) and some historical positions + trails, not just a record of the trails I was getting previously. I have resintalled the script and adjusted all the settings as I had previously, and the same as on another Pi I have tar1090-persist running without a problem, but the problems still exist. I’d be grateful for some direction as to what else I might try. I have tried the fix given on the Github page but nothing changes.

Many thanks

That’s how it is when you just turn on persistence or use another instance.
Maybe you meant to use /?pTracks … that function has somewhat superseded the 2nd instance stuff.

Also when you reboot the history is lost that’s completely normal.

Thanks. Is there any way of switching off the aircraft positions and just showing the tracks in the Persist mode? I used to see just the tracks until today, as per the image in your GitHub instructions


Please check the github for what /?pTracks does and how to use it.

I’ve been through the instructions numerous times but I can’t find how you remove the aircraft symbols in the /?pTracks mode. I can toggle the Tracks on/off but the symbols remain. I’ve tried to replicate the setup on my other Pi where I’ve just got the Tracks displayed (as per the image in the GitHub instructions), but can’t remove the symbols on the recent upgrade


Well then just be clearer and say the /?pTracks mode has aircraft symbols … your description was so vague i suspected user error.
You’re correct there is a bug.

And now it should be fixed.

Many thanks, much appreciated