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Tar1090 -- improved webinterface for dump1090-fa and readsb

But at least it does not hurt :wink:

I solved the FA link issue, I had been editing the wrong config.js file :sweat_smile:

somehow the default install was false setting in flightawareLinks

That’s on purpose, i wanted to make tar1090 independent of branding.

Really like the TAR1090 web interface - thanks it is great! Did an upgrade this morning and found that my 2 Jessie systems update A/C positions, A/C counts and message counts about every 4 seconds. Before the update it was about every second. My updated Stretch system is still doing 1 second updates for all as before. Do like the 1 second position update much better and do not want to upgrade my Jessie Pi’s just for that. Are there any user definable options here?

Not sure what’s going on, maybe i changed something i’m not aware of.
The RefreshRate is defined by the underlying dump1090 that is running.

pgrep -a dump1090

Maybe you had persistance mode on?
That reduces the refresh rate to 5 seconds.
I’ve changed that for now, obviously causes confusion and i’d be confused as well i i hadn’t programmed it.

Persistence was on the 2 slow updaters. Everything back to normal with persistence off. Thanks

If you update once more, persistence mode will not affect the refresh rate any longer.

Actually good that someone else noticed, it was just an hour ago couldn’t figure out why someone else was having issues.

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Did upgrade - no more 5 sec persistence refresh rate. Thanks again.

A bit off topic. Hope it’s news.

The ADS-B mandate changes in June 2020. From I think all AC >100 seats previosly.
So airlines are equipping their ACs now. Near my place very noticable with Flybe turboprobs that are no longer hiding with ModeS only.

“Commission Regulation (EU) No 1207/2011, of 22 November 2011, lays down requirements for the performance and the interoperability of surveillance for the single European sky. From 7 June 2020, all aircraft that weigh more than 5 700 kg, or have a max cruise speed greater than 250 knots, will need to be equipped with ADS-B capabilities to be operated in European airspace.”



Since the last update a few days ago the FA links and the Plane Counter/Message Rate in title are not working any longer.

These are the settings in config.js

PlaneCountInTitle = yes;
MessageRateInTitle = yes;
flightawareLinks = true;

But whatever i try (restart tar1090 service, accessing with different browser) the settings are obviously ignored.

Anything i can do?

Yes, don’t use “yes” …

PlaneCountInTitle = true;
MessageRateInTitle = true;
flightawareLinks = true;  
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tried it on my own just out of curiosity, that made the trick.

This works as well:

PlaneCountInTitle = "yes";
MessageRateInTitle = "yes";
flightawareLinks = "yes";  

The config.js file isn’t overwritten on update, but even if it would have been overwritten, it hasn’t been changed in quite some time, couldn’t find any yes in it.

true and false are keywords in javascript.
writing yes without “” means it’s interpreted as a variable which is undefined.

Hmm… to remove this problem i guess i can just define two variables yes and no to true and false.
Then people can do it wrong and it still works.

trying to avoid human errors :slight_smile:

wondering why I (and somebody else) was switching a value from “false” to “yes”.
error was clearly between chair and screen.

Oh btw, “false” is a valid String and would enable the setting, any non zero length String would.

PlaneCountInTitle = "false";

So this would enable the setting.

    console.log("condition true");
    console.log("condition false");

You may guess what this results in :slight_smile:

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based on your statement i would guess the setting would be enabled in both cases?

The question is: what is the output of that piece of javascript :wink:
But if you have never programmed, you wouldn’t be famliary with an if else construct.

Doesn’t matter in the end, should be harder to mess up for people who have never seen javascript or done any programming.

What is the best way to keep track of when an update has been released?

I see the latest commit times on GitHub, but they vary from item to item.

Please advise and thank you for the excellent application!


You could just set up a cron job to run the update script every now and then. I have it set to run overnight.

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does dump1090-fa or tar1090 need to be stopped before doing an update?

something like:

sudo systemctl stop tar1090