TAM Airlines


Anyone know why TAM airline (TAM Linhas Aereas S.A. ) flights do not show? Their code is TAM and two digit code is JJ. They have flights to MIA and JFK



TAM’s route map shows only flights to Miami, but the only airlines I see on that route are Varig and American. Odd indeed.


Yes they do fly to NY-JFK - nonstop. Service started in November and I’ve been on the planes. For example tonight (sunday) they have flights going to both MIA and JFK and they are in the air.

Their flights don’t show on other flight tracking programs either.




Their ICAO code is BLC, but I still don’t see any flights into the US for them.


Just a thought, but do you suppose they are doing a code share thing and flying under someone elses callsign? Not sure how that works in FA.


They codeshare on American’s flights between SBGR and KMIA (which FA will list under the AAL flight number), but they also operate some of their own flights (which I still can’t find).


Still can’t find there flights. I even call the airline to make sure they were operating. They codeshare with MIA out of MIA but no TAM flights ever show. My only other thought is that a “TAM” somewhere is military and may be screened for that reason.


I was also having a hard time tracking family members flying out of Buenos Aires this evening. I finally tracked them using Flightview and tracking them by cities instead of flight numbers. It appears that TAM’s code is JJ.


I tried the other program and the US segments remain invisable. The segment in the example is feeder flight from Rio and there is a change of guage (aircraft type) at Sao Paulo from the noted A320 to a A330 widebody.