Tailwheel Instructor In Northwest Arkansas Area


I am looking for in instructor in the Northwest Arkansas area to provide some tailwheel instruction. I received a tailwheel endorsement 2 years ago, but have not have not been able to fly since getting the endorsement and would like to get 5-10 hours in my Cessna 140. The local flight school doesnt not have a CFI w/ a tailwheel endorsement, so its been difficult finding an instructor. Please contact me at 501-815-4502 if you know of anyone interested.

Miles Purnell


Im out of KHRO…not sure where you are but based on your area code Im assuming KLIT. There is a CFI with tons of tail-wheel hrs, from Beavers to DC3s…retired Iron Captain, that might be able to do it. He’s out of Rogers. I’ll send you name and number, check your message.