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Tagging Military Planes

Is there a better way we get add a special tag to pics of military planes? Easier to search and even categorize them. We know military planes don’t have a “N” number, so what all can they be included in the search engine?

All the planes in the rest of the world don’t have an “n” number so that may not be the search criterion for military planes.


Most mil acft have a ICAO24 code of AE or AD.

AE or AD helps. But I’m also looking at searching in here. Like if I wanted to look up pics from the Thunderbirds, only info I’d would be able to input, would be the model of the jets. Can’t an option be added for if the plane is military or not?

Only US mil will start AE or AD. The rest of the world’s military will use their own country’s ICAO codes.

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