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T Mobile Internet

FAQs for the T Mobile web site mentions that T Mobile internet is not intended for continuous data transmission or machine to machine use. Is anyone using T Mobile internet with their flight feeder? Thank you.

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I use 2 T Mobile phones as a hot spots when there is a utility interruption. I run 6 RPi feeders and 2 Windows notebooks with local TV apps 24/7. I also let my neighbors hop onto my WiFi as needed - max 2 additional connections. The longest period of use was about 4 days when a hurricane took down power, cable and landline.

What’s the exact wording? Quote.

I think it’s not banned, but they mean that they don’t guarantee the continuity of data service. You can use it, but, depending on how many planes your location gets daily, it can use a lot of data - like GB/month.
Disabling MLAT saves a lot of data usage (I would say it reduces it by 30%).

Thank you for taking the time to reply. Best wishes for the holidays.

Thank you for your reply. Best wishes to you.

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Some guy just posted he used 95TB in one month on the 5g version of Tmo Home Internet, You’ll be fine ;). Im sure they cut him off by now for posting that however.

Correct. There’s no limitation on usage, but the nature of cellular data services is that they can be interrupted, hence buffering is required for things like streaming (and even talking, which is why it sometimes seems like the person you’re talking to is a full second behind). Continuous data usage like a flight feeder will face a lot of interruptions, reducing the viability of things like MLAT and increasing the latency of your other position reports.

Up to half a second of latency is no issue for MLAT at all, it’s built around that.
(even one second of latency is probably fine for mlat-server)

With the low bandwidth involved in feeding i wouldn’t expect huge latencies on a mobile connection.
Also aren’t the more recent standards better with latency?

In regards to position reports … FA synchronizes the receiver time and timestamps client side before sending to the servers.

Honestly, I think the warning is more about things like live streaming, Zoom meetings, and Go To Desktop type of technology more than it is about something like a Flight Feeder (especially based on what you’re telling me about timestamps and delayed synchronization). Based on that, there’s probably no problem with Tmobile Internet for this purpose.