T-28 went swimming at KSPG Video included

In St. Pete Florida today A T-28 Warbird, part of the Honda Grand Prix race opening ceremonies, crashed into the water off Albert Whitted Airport as it was attempting a landing after reporting mechanical difficulties. Both the pilot and passenger suffered very minor injuries.

Watch Video at
wtsp.com/news/article/183800 … lane-crash

Photo N209WW

Pilot stated he realized he wasn’t going to make the runway without striking the break wall - so he ditched the aircraft, caught the gear and flipped.

Lucky guys, not so good for the airplane - a Mooney went off the same runway into the water a couple of days ago!!!

Click Here Mooney 20J N201ZZ - only one on board - no injuries.

it takes a good pilot to figure out his situation in a matter of seconds. he ditched the trojan in the drink so he would walk away from the crash. he save 2 lives that day. he deserves a medal or something.

I’ve read many accident reports where the pilot attempted to clear a last second obstacle - only to either collide - or stall.

So despite being the owner of the aircraft, he choose to ditch at the last seconds - and thus as you state - they are alive and well to fly another day.

Actually a good training video now!! Very good job and fortunate outcome.