SWA Speciality Planes

On a given day, what would be the best way to find out which flight(s) a given speciality plane is working that day? Thank you.

You would have to know someone who works for WN, or has access to the flight schedules. Airlines don’t release which specific planes are flying specific flights, and even then it can change if there is an equipment change at the last second, which is fairly common.

So, to answer your question, the best and only way is to find someone who works for WN.

‘California One’ seems to be a semi-regular visitor at Manchester (NH). I’ve been on that place once flying into MHT, and have seen it five other times there…even today! She was operating one of the afternoon nonstops from MHT-TPA. Most of the other themed planes have come through MHT, at least the 733 and 737-700 ones (we get no 737-500s here, and I think one of the ‘Shamus’ is a -500)

Chris in NH