Super Bowl Security?


Has anyone noticed any activity around KMTC (Selfridge ANGB) with regard to CBP aircraft (P-3/( ))?

Thought there might be something happening in connection with the Super Bowl.

Jim Johnson


Here’s an item from today’s Canadian News Wire…

NORAD supports Super Bowl XL
WINNIPEG, Jan. 31 /CNW Telbec/ - The Canadian NORAD Region (CANR) will
fly Operation Noble Eagle (ONE) air defense protection missions in the
Windsor, Ont./Detroit, Mich. area on Feb. 5 in support of Super Bowl XL at
Ford Field.
NORAD is one of the several Canadian and U.S. agencies providing security
support to this year’s Super Bowl. The security effort includes the FBI, local
and state law enforcement, the RCMP, and the U.S. Coast Guard to name just a
few. Coordination for the air defense mission requires close cooperation
between many organizations, including the Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center,
Continental United States NORAD Region, or CONR, Canadian NORAD Region, or
CANR, Civil Air Patrol, Air Force and Air National Guard forces, Air Force
Flight Standards Agency, Nav Canada, and the U.S. Federal Aviation
NORAD is a bi-national Canada U.S. command responsible for the aerospace
defense of North America. The mission will involve CF-18s out of Canadian
Forces Base Bagotville, Quebec; F-16s out of Selfridge Air National Guard
Base, Mich.; an E-3 Airborne Early Warning and Control System aircraft; and
air refuelling tankers.
Enhancing NORAD’s capability, the NAV Canada and FAA interior radars feed
a comprehensive air picture to defense sectors controlling the air picture,
allowing instantaneous communication with relevant agencies.
Since the start of Operation Noble Eagle after the terrorist attacks on
Sept. 11, 2001, NORAD regularly conducts missions of this nature throughout
Canada and the United States. These ongoing missions are carefully planned and
closely controlled to ensure a rapid military response. NORAD aircraft are on
alert or conducting irregular patrols throughout the country, seven days a
week, 24 hours a day.
As the Canadian geographical component of NORAD, CANR provides airspace
surveillance and control, and directs all air sovereignty activities for the
Canadian NORAD Region. CANR and its assigned Air Force assets throughout the
country ensure air safety and security against potential air threats and have
supported special events such as the G-8 Summit and the visits of foreign
Since Sept. 11, 2001, NORAD fighters have responded to more than 2,000
air events in the United States and Canada, and have flown more than 40,000
sorties, or flights, in support of ONE.

For further information: Capt. Jennifer Faubert, Canadian NORAD Region
Public Affairs Officer, (613) 965-2041; NORAD Public Affairs, (613) 391-5233

Up here in Canada, eh? :smiley:



Thanks for your reply to my posting…and the news article. After making the post it dawned on me that with the proximity of Detroit & Windsor maybe the air cover might get kicked up a notch. (Something more than just a Custom & Border Patrol P-3 “Dome”). I’ll be anxious to see what I can find on Flight Aware about game time tomorrow for any of the aircraft mentioned around Selfridge ANGB (KMTC) and Detroit Metro (KDTW).

As just an aside, I also spend time listening to HF milcom communications (when I have the chance) and subscribe to a MILCOM list server ( so will have to see if I can pick up any “Sentry” (E3 AWACS) comms tomorrow as well.

Again, my friend, thanks for the reply and sure wish I could get my hands on some Cadbury Crunch bars about now, eh? :wink:

Jim Johnson
Caledonia, MI