SUN N FUN 2008

SUN N FUN starts tomorrow. What is introduced this year?

So far:

  • Avidyne Introduces WAAS-Enabled Flight Management System
  • Garmin Earns Certification For G1000 Synthetic Vision System

Don’t know, there’s supposed to be some surprises.

J and his wife will be there later in the week.

Might be something from Cessna. Not 100% sure if it is SNF or NBAA next year, but they are set to introduce something (stupid confidentiality agreements)…

Didn’t see anything particularly newsworthy.
Eclipse Concept Jet was there, as was a scale model of the Cirrus “The-Jet”, a cabin mock up of the Embraer Phenom 100…

Can you tell what airshow you like more, Oshkosh or Sun N Fun? I have only been to Oshkosh. Now of course, Oshkosh is bigger and has more tradition behind it but Sun N Fun is well…in sunny Florida weather and seems to get all the new announcements for the companies.

I heard they had the new Garmin G1000 Syntheic Vison displayed down there. A few of the guys from my flight school flew the sim they had and said it was pretty impressive and scary easy.