Sun Country retiring planes? … /KMSP/KMZJ

I see one heading off to that desert in the sky.

Storage or Operation Repo? Doubt they’d be retiring a 738 yet.

I was thinking more along the lines of a fleet reduction. There are a lot of “new” planes sitting in the desert. I’ve even heard stories of planes being flown directly there from the factory, when an airline doesn’t need the plane by the time it is ready for delivery.

That is true. Seven brand new planes have been sitting at Mojave for at least 2 years.

Frank Holbert

I see no “brand new” planes. :confused:

According to this (as of March 02, 2010), … =4&catid=6
there are no new aircraft stored at Mojave.

After looking at this pic, … dbef35536d
I would say the aircraft in the above pic are the retired Air Canada 767-200’s.

C-GAUN (Gimli glider)

I had heard of new planes being flown to the desert, maybe not Movaje, but somewhere similar. Of course those could have found new buyers by now and back in service.

Yes. davysims is correct. New aircraft have been flown directly from Seattle to storage yards.

Notice I say “have been.” In other words, they may not be any new aircraft at MHV or or another storage yard today but they have in the past been cases of brand new aircraft flown directly to storage.

At what point does a ‘new’ aircraft stop being ‘new’?

To the OP, I’m guessing this is 737-800 PH-HZI being returned to Transavia Airlines its owner. Sun Country leases aircraft short term for heavy charter periods.

Boeing parked for Southwest a handful of brand-new 737-700s at MHV in 2002. Its rare but not uncommon to see a couple of new aircraft in short term storage at Goodyear, Mojave, Victorville or Roswell. See link for new SWA 737s stored at MHV in 2002. … 0830922/L/

The well used Air Canada 767s mentioned above at MHV are used, if my memory is right a couple of new Air Canada A320s were stored at MHV briefly. A line of SWA 737-300s are now parked where the ACA 767s used to be. The 767s have been moved a few rows closer to death? … tes/page/5

See link below for pic of one of the ACA 762’s at MHV. … 1347127/L/

Well who knows, Sun Country is a charter airline too so maybe someone needed a charter to the Mojave Desert. Sun Countries fleetbis too young to be retireing aircraft.

MZJ is not in the Mojave Desert.

Ah! My bad. I was spacing off. What I meant to say was I have tracked alot of Sun Country flights and they sometimes go to small airports because of charter flights. Maybe this one was a charter.

I know they do charters, as they come into MCW for the same. However, that particular airport is not much of a destination, except for airplanes.

Sun Country has a peak season flying south during the winter months. Obviously that is not one of their normal destinations.

My question, is Kingman one of those storage points? Noted on several days SAS flying MD82’s there from Bangor, ME, no doubt into retirement.

I noted they all arrive, but never leave KIGM.

Yes, Kingman is a boneyard.

Oh yes… KIGM is quite the boneyard. My inlaws live slightly north of the field, but high enough that I can see the field and the rotating beacon from their backyard. Probably about 3 - 4DME north. Close enough that you can make out the livery of the planes sitting there with the naked eye. With the lens of a pocket digital camera, you could zoom in enough to see the type of aircraft. quite a few former DHL, TWA, ATA, and other aircraft are parked on the west side of the old 8/26. When I’ve been there, I have rarely seen anything fly out, which is normal, as the only scheduled service there is from GLA.


IGM seems to always have 30 to 50 aircraft there. Right now lots of AAE and COX EMB-135s are in long term storage and a couple of TW 1011s still remain and five DHL A300s along with many DHL 727-200s.

In the 90s IGM was the main storage lot for British Aerospace and JSX so lots of Jetstreams were stored there. One of the America West 747-200 N531AW was broken up there in 1996. During WWII thousands of aircraft were dismantled there. Lots of history at IGM.