Suggestion - test SMS message


I set my account up to receive SMS text message notification on my cellphone via the vendor gateway, and wasn’t getting any messages. I discovered I’d typo’ed the gateway domain. Duh!

It would have been helpful to have a button to provoke you into sending a test SMS message on demand to make sure my setup worked. I had to wait until the next event to make sure it works.


Thanks for the idea, I think we’re going to effectively implement that in the near future by requiring verification of mobile email addresses.


Great idea :smiley:


A week ago a Delta 747 came into KDSM to take 300 WWII veterans to Washington DC on an Honor Flight. I knew that the plane was comming in on August 16 ever since May. I set up a FlightAware alert to send me a text whenever a 747 flies into and out of DSM. On August 16, the 747 came into Des Moines while I was at football practice. The alert failed to send to my phone. The SMS verification could of helped a lot here.


Requiring verification is a good start, but being able to provoke a test message (or else allow people to re-verify) would be useful too.