Suggestion for Page Navigation


I’d like to make a suggestion to improve the navigation between pages of data.

When viewing all flights scheduled to arrive at an airport, for example, there are two links at the bottom of the list…one that says “Next 40” and one that says “Previous 40”. The problem is, “Next 40” is on the LEFT, and “Previous 40” is on the RIGHT.

Not a huge problem, but it is counter-intuitive. Logically, readers of the English language read from left to right. So the content you previously read is to the left, and the content you have yet to read is on the right.

So I propose the positions of the two links be switched. Ideally, “Previous 40” should be on the left, and “Next 40” should be on the right.

Thanks for your time, and please keep up the great work!


I agree.

Should we add “no previous available” on the left on the first page of resuts?

The current system keeps “Next 40” always on the left, and adds “Previous 40” to the right when you’re on page 2 or greater.