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Sudden memory leak in Debian custom image

I run a custom Debian image produced by @zenonp. It has PiAware preinstalled. Then I added ADSBx, and later, FlightRadar 24. Last, I installed graphs1090 about 3 weeks ago. But one week ago, a memory leak started with no apparent trigger.

This is revealed on graphs1090’s memory panel on the right. (Initially I thought it was triggered when I experimentally returned rtlsdr-gain to -10, but that was several days after the leak began.

I didn’t notice till it was too late. Now that I have rebooted, how can I know which process was even leaking?

top -o RES
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A similar situation, but with Raspbian on RPi

RBFeeder on RPi has memory leak with UAT

You can only tell while the leak is happening … there is no logging for that.
Thus use what obj suggested when the leak reappears.