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Subscription / webhook for sudden flight interruption?

Does FlightAware offer a way to subscribe ONLY to sudden interruptions in flight data reporting?

For example, the ability to subscribe so to receive a POST (with flight # and last reported altitude/speed/direction/latitude/longitude) at a callback URL whenever a flight with last reported altitude of >25,000 ft stops reporting data for greater than 2-minutes.

Webhooks (or a comparable subscription-based service) would likely require server-side development, but perhaps there is a way that one could use the existing API to create a comparable solution?

Thank you.

Flight “interruptions” happen all the time on a regular basis for flights in areas of poor radar coverage, in trans oceanic flight, or even when transitioning to a visual approach to landing. Some ACARS position reporting occurs only on an hourly interval as well. It’s a little harder than you think.

BTW, We already support POST notification of more typical types of events through FlightXML pushed alerts.