Stupid things done in the name of flighting global warming

Source: Daily Mail

**Airline asks passengers to use the toilet before boarding… so they will weigh less and help cut carbon emissions
All Nippon Airways says passengers who empty their bladders before boarding will help reduce carbon emissions.

A Japanese airline has started asking passengers to to to the toilet before boarding in a bid to reduce carbon emissions.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) claims that empty bladders mean lighter passengers, a light aircraft and thus lower fuel use.

Airline staff will be present at boarding gates in terminal to ask
passengers waiting to fly to relieve themselves before boarding, the Independent reported.

ANA hopes the weight saved will lead to a five-tonne reduction in carbon emissions over the course of 30 days.

The airline began the policy on October 1, according to Japan’s NHK television.

Although it is intended as an experiment lasting one month and 42 flights, the trial may be extended if it is well-received by passengers and if results are positive.

Based on an average human bladder capacity of 15oz, if 150 passengers relieved themselves on board an aircraft, this would amount to 63.7kg of waste.

What a f*^%(& crock. Sounds more like a publicity stunt and a way for the airline to save money (i.e. less cleaning of the lavatory).

Read some of the comments on this article - they are great!

I just saw that on “Live” this morning. I think it is stupid! :open_mouth:

Did anyone watch the season final of Entourage- Matt Damon said that someone donated the “carbon offset” on the jet he was about to get on.
does anyone know if that is the guys down by the Galapagos Islands that are feeding Iron to the Plankton?

Really? Now you’re liking to the daily fail?

I don’t understand your post

I don’t understand it at all…