Student Walks Away From Crash on Takeoff at N14

Details still sketchy but a student lost control on takeoff, narrowly missing several parked aircraft, and impacted with sufficient severity to separate the engine from the fuselage yet managed to escape serious injury.

I believe the aircraft was one of the school’s 172s, but not certain. Pictures to follow later today.

Glad they’re ok. The trees there scare me!

They’re not as bad as at Ocean Reef!

It was one of their students in one of the 152s, apparently he lost control during takeoff and cartwheeled.

Yeah I would agree he’s lucky to have skipped safely through the ramp area, If he had swerved the other way into the nearby trees…

Hopefully the pool suffered no appreciable damage during the incident!!! :open_mouth:

Only the cleanup resulting from several unintended discharges. :open_mouth:

This plane has a history with similar damage:

Yeah, 24 years ago!


That’s just the other day to us old folks! :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe your landings loosened the mounts.


That occurred at Bay Bridge (W29) and it was because he overloaded it with crabs!


Leave your son’s crabs out of this.