STS-133 Launch

The Launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery and mission STS-133 is scheduled for tomorrow, November 3, 2010 at 3:52 pm EDT (1952Z). It is the last scheduled launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery.

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

Will it be tracked? :smiling_imp:

Sorry. Couldn’t resist. can track it here along with the ISS and other satellites :wink:

…Delayed to Thursday, November 4.

Fuel leak again?

Electrical Gremlins.

I hate it when the electrons get loose. They’re tiny little buggers, get every where, make a mess, are hard to round back up and put away.

Anyone know what the chances are for Launch on Thursday? 12 hour drive down and another 12 hours back soon as the launch is over, so i def. dont wana drive 24hours for nothing!


Last I heard weather is going to be an issue…

Yes, but they’re easier to round up than when the magic smoke escapes!

The weather is considered acceptable for a launch at this time according to the latest reports from Launch Control. The pre-launch Mission Management Team (MMT) will be meeting early tomorrow AM to decide whether or not to fill the external fuel tank based on the observed weather and short term forecasts, no one knows the answer to your question before the MMT meets, sorry.

Looks like it’s a go for Friday at 3:03 pm.

Weather is 60% for a friday launch. Go/No-Go meeting for fueling is scheduled for 5 AM. … index.html

Glad it was delayed, because I completely forgot about this.

Postponed until November 30th due to a hydrogen leak on the ET.