I recently flew YYZ-CCC CU187 and CCC-YYZ CU186 and found that Cubana takes quite a detour instead a more direct flight.
Other previous flight’s on the same route are same.Does anybody have a theory as to why.



Where was the detour? I once flew from Cairo-Egypt to Amman-Jordan, and there was a detour as well. In this case it looked like a political, rather than ‘aeronautical’ need.


When i look at the routes from other airlines that fly MUCC-CYYZ they are pretty much along the east coast of Florida or into the Atlantic and straight up to CYYZ.
Cubana flies more over the west coast of Florida and enters Canadian airspace well to the west before proceeding to CYYZ


The east coast routes can be pretty constrained at times, this may allow for an easier routing and more flexibility, if needed to move the route further west.