Strange United A320 flight into KPTK


Noticed there was United A320 coming into KPKT form KMDW. Sports charter maybe? … /KMDW/KPTK


Chicago White Sox in town to play the Tigers.


Why don’t these (and other Tigers inbound charters) go into KDET? Not many facilities there, but it would at least save on the charter bus rates…which have to amount to something with fuel surcharges being what they are.


KDET’s longest runway is only 5090’ long. Too short for comfortable airline ops.


Charter bus rates?..and fuel surcharges?..after flying in on a jetliner, all the way from Chicago… Well that’s just nuts…


A lot of teams, musicians and celebrities like to stay in the Auburn Hills/Birmingham area rather than downtown Detroit.
It’s a nice area up there and not a bad drive into the city.