Strange track

What happened here?


Perhaps a missed approach followed by a diversion?


Probably. Thanks


Looks like a diversion for a thunderstorm in the area. It was likely going to interfere with his descent profile as he went from 35000 down to the approach. He went over TPA, then direct to KSUA. It looks like he went around the Wx.


In the name of not starting a new thread for the same subject, anybody got any ideas what this track is all about? Thanks for any info.


Looks like a similar situation – a missed approach or two and holding followed by a diversion


It looks like an instrument proficiency training flight, with a couple of holding patterns thrown in. The G3 shot the approach twice; once upon arrival and again after a couple of holding patterns. Then he went back towards Providence,and left the radar at 400’. The times of his flight suggest it may have been a night practice flight. That airplane makes a lot of flights to that airport, which suggests they are familiar with it. It’s based out of Boca Raton, with a second home (apparently) in Connecticut and the airframe gets around the US quite a bit.
That area can be nasty with snow flurries during the winter. We had a night go-around at La Guardia as a plane took too long to get off the runway last year.


From my research I have found that this is one of John Travolta’s rides?


I’ve never seen this tail number fly into JT’s home airport in Florida. It’s based out of Boca Raton, and possibly has some maintenance done in Ft. Lauderdale. By the way, JT just finished a movie in New Mexico , and flew 30 June to Van Nuys, back to Maine, Florida, the Bahamas, then back to Florida 1 July.


300JZ was in the background of a photo of JT in a Flying Magizine. It’s a Gulfstream, but is a charter aircraft as far as I can tell, and not John’s.


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This activity log is full of wierd tracks and everyone is different.


Almost a guarantee when an aircraft leaves FA’s service area.


Well said.


I had something similar when I tracked a flight coming from Japan to kord. It showed the plane in the U.S. but it didn’t say it was that flight. I said it was a flight from the previous day from KPHL to KORD.


Can anyone suggest what this is all about? … /KBWI/KBWI
N470JF is half of a pair with N315CR which often transit Prestwick Scotland.
Your comments and observations much appreciated
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Well It could be training but my responses from the FedEx flight suggest otherwise. Maintence?