Strange Fly Over???

A large group of airplanes flew over my house in Rockford IL today at around 12:15 pm, Saturday July 21. They were all mono-planes, maybe war-birds. They were low, maybe 2,500 ft, and very loud. Had to have been 25 groups of three and a few groups of two. Maybe a 280 heading? Anyone know who they were or where the were going?

Maybe a raid on Waterloo, IA?

They probably weren’t heading to Oshkosh!

My orientation at home was off. They were heading north. I think they were bonanzas… they sure looked bigger from below.


I feel dumb, I sure thought that I knew which way was north at my house…

ehh…no worries. If it wasn’t for the DTO (Direct To) button on the FMS of my airplane I’d have no idea where I was going… :wink:

Was I supposed to make that left turn at Albuquerque? :open_mouth: