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Strange flight path - - Testing?


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Given the plane is registered to Dynamic Aviation I’d say you were right. Given the pattern is pretty symetrical I’m guessing they were testing some type of equipment. Dynamic is one of those DOD contractors. From their website “We have been engineering, modifying, and operating specialized Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance aircraft for more than 15 years. In that time, we’ve amassed more than 300,000 hours of combat-environment experience.” I’d be interested to know what they were testing for 12 hours.


My first thoughts were photo mapping or LIDAR but the profile doesn’t look right. How about dropping rabies vaccines?

This online PDF dated June 12, 2019 shows that the same aircraft was one of several contracted out to drop Oral Rabies Vaccinations for wildlife to eat. The PDF shows drop areas in Ohio and PA just SW of NY. New York might have a similar rabies problem?


“The NRMP has contracted with
Dynamic Aviation for the use of
five King Air A90 aircraft to
distribute the ORV. The aircraft
are white with thin red and
blue stripes along the body of
the aircraft. As of the date of
this letter, the following tail
numbers have been tasked for
this operation: N7199H, N72L,
N75N, N75V and N75Z. The
aircraft will be flying VFR at
approximately 500 feet above
ground level while distributing
the ORV baits.”



I think we have a winner. Local newspaper says rabies vaccine bates were to be dropped in my area starting this week after several bats tested positive.

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