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Stop SkyAware?

piaware / dump1090 is careful not to overwrite any existing config, but unfortunately lighttpd is very fragile about having multiple things trying to use it cooperatively - we do our best but sometimes stuff will break if you’re doing anything out of the ordinary.

Let’s not jump to that.

sudo systemctl unmask lighttpd
sudo systemctl restart lighttpd

Let’s first reactivate lighttpd with the above commands.
And check the log:

sudo journalctl --no-pager -u lighttpd
ls /etc/lighttpd/conf-enabled

Put it on pastebin and post the link https://pastebin.com/
screenshot also works i suppose.

And let’s check if lighttpd is still occupying port 8080

sudo netstat -tlpen | grep 8080

If it’s not and that’s what magicmirror needs … not sure.
But just to be safe i’d assume magicmirror for some reason also needs port 80 and just change /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf to listen on port 81.
Then restart lighttpd service.
Maybe do a reboot and see if magic mirror starts working again :slight_smile:

Also did you change any lighttpd config files besides /etc/lighttpd/conf-available/89-skyaware.conf ?

Thanks for the replies guys. I had to pull the trigger and reformat. It was a time crunch because I only had a few days with the Pi before leaving town. It took me the better part of a day to get it back to normal, but I kind of figured it was either sit down and do the work, or spend a few more days troubleshooting.

Ah, that is a shame, [wiedehopf] came up with some good suggestions. Many computer users go on about back ups but many of us still make the mistake of failing to do so on less important but time consuming things.

All experience I guess. Hope you get the magic mirror going again but also hope you continue with the ADS-B tracking.


Yeah… it’s funny - I have 5 Pi’s and never really considered them “critical” until I purposed one of them for my mom :slight_smile: It was going to be a 3rd tracker and I was in a rush to get it up and running because it’s close to Oshkosh Wisconsin.

Actually, I discovered that I have the same problem on one of my other Piaware installs. Last year, I was experimenting with MagicMirror on a different Pi. I got it up and running just to test it out. Worked great to I implemented it on a different Pi that has been at the heart of this discussion. Then, just last month I put Piaware on the Pi. It was not being used as MagicMirror - it was just a feeder… so I didn’t notice the conflict.

Long story short, I have another Pi I might try those fixes on this week. It’s not critical I fix it on that Pi, so I might play around a bit if I’m curious.

Thanks again.