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Stop SkyAware web page from launching FlightAware app

Recently when I click on the “Visit Flight Page” button or the “See Photos” link on my SkyAware web page on iOS, instead of just opening a new tab, it now opens the FlightAware app. That would be fine, except it doesn’t go to that proper target, I just get the app main page, so I have to retype the flight I was looking at, etc. In addition, returning to Safari brings me not to the SkyAware tab I was on, but the next tab.

Apparently I can see the browser tab opening, which then somehow triggers the app launch and the tab quickly closes. Is there a way to turn this off? I just want to stay in the browser as I’m usually just looking at a few flights at a time, and this used to work until very recently. I suspect it was an app update (most likely it was and added URL registration without implementing the proper handling of the full URL being passed).