'Stop running script' error


I have been having an issue where whenever I try to use the site I get an error saying ‘Stop running script’ and it comes up almost every couple of seconds. I looked in the forums and perhaps missed if there is a fix for this issue. Any help would be appreciated. I am running windows 7.


What browser are you using?


On what pages do you get this problem? Where does it not occur?


I get it occasionally, including yesterday.

There’s no fix you can apply except to stop the script; it’s a server-side error and I think it’s something to do with the map rendering (see other thread).


Pat206 & eyenthesky, what browser are you using? (are you on Firefox by any chance?)


Me too, Firefox at home, IE at work, seems to happen more at work.

edit. Here’s one that happened while trying to upload photo,
Script: e0.flightcdn.com/include/791410f … ware.js:21


This should only happen on airport and fleet maps. What’s happening is your computer is calculating how to arrange the labels for planes so that they don’t overlap. If your computer isn’t fast enough to finish the calculation in a reasonable amount of time, the browser thinks something is wrong and prompts you to cancel the calculation. Monday afternoon we’re going to introduce a change that reduces the number of labels you calculate overlaps for. This should greatly reduce how often you see this warning.


Firefox 14