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Step by step how to integrate airspy into existing piaware


I have added this to the rc.local:

sudo sysctl -w net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=1


I have another question about Airpsy (Mini) integration. I have launched the Airspy decoder with the “-w 4” option, but it doesn’t look like is spreading the work load on four cores. More like two… most of time just one. The load just “jumps” from one core to another.
Is that a limitation of the htop command?


You don’t have enough decoding work to fully use even one core. There has to be enough work to occupy more than 1 core (Load Average > 1.00) before other cores kick in.


My version of airspy_adsb no longer shows -w as an option
pi@odroidxu4:~/airspy$ ./airspy_adsb -h
airspy_adsb v1.37
-s <serial_number> Device serial number
-t Aircraft timeout in seconds
-g <rf_gain> RF gain: 0…21
-f Forward Error Correction (FEC) bits
-c :[:format] Add a Push Client
-l [:format] Add a Server
-m <mlat_freq> MLAT frequency in MHz: 12 or 20
-x Enable DX mode
-r Reduced IF bandwidth
-b Enable Bias-Tee
-p Enable Bit Packing
-v Verbose mode
-h Display this help screen
Available output formats:

  • AVR - Raw AVR format
  • AVR-STRICT - Raw AVR format with only CRC valid frames
  • ASAVR - Raw Airspy AVR format
  • Beast - Raw Beast Binary format

It is fairly quiet at the moment so I don’t see a lot of CPU usage.


I am seeing 130 planes with 900-1000 msgs/sec.


Mine neither. I wonder if they removed that option silently.


I have started the decoder without the “-w 4” option and… it creates for workers by default!


Indeed. The new algorithm is much more efficient and should never require more than one RPi2 core. RPi3 is more than enough for the entire decoding and filtering.