Stealth Bomber Crashes On Guam


2 crew ejected safely.
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Possibly excluding lawsuits, but in today dollars, replacement value of a B-2 is over two billion dollars. Making this the most expensive loss in aviation history!!! I recall afew years back, the cost of a new aircraft carrier, a new space shuttle, or a new B-2 were each 2 Billion USD.

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Click Here interesting comments from Stephen Trimble’s Blog ‘The Dew Line’ regarding the B-2.


According to several sources, the average cost of a Nimitz class aircraft carrier is about $4.5 B, though I can’t tell in which year - so it is probably closer to $6 B today (guestimating).


It was actually around the time Congress voted to spend the money to turn the B-2 prototype, into a flight line aircraft.

It was also just reported from a press report, not a bill sent to congress.
Either way, lots of money. Even now, I see reports on the B-2’s cost from 1.19 B USD, to 2.5 B USD. (In the press).

Here is a downpayment;

And here is why you need B-2’s;

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Bar-B-2? Bar-B-2-cue?

So, that’s what $2bn worth of soot looks like.


Accident report released; Distorted data caused by moisture entering computer chips!!!

B-2 Spirit accident report

Accident webpage


So, that’s what $2bn worth of soot looks like

Everyone cheer for our tax dollars. WOOOHOO!!



Which Spirit Of was this?


Spirit of Kansas according to the Air Force Times link in a previous post in this thread.


Thanks. I had overlooked that.


old news with further inquiry.

February’s crash was caused by maintenance crews trying to do the right thing: They saw the wrong data and re-calibrated the sensors.

for Popular Mechanics’s discussion of the accident sequence events.