Stats not counting and staying LIVE on bottom of stat page.

For the past 2-3 days I notice my sites and other sites not saying LIVE on the bottom of the stat page. Then your Aircraft and position recorded don’t go up. Is there a issue going on… The last 2 nights at 8 my time. When a new day starts on my stat page my sites didn’t start to count anything for the first 90 minutes.

sjacket99 ★ KHGR PiAware 22-Jul-2015 Live 3,457 250,329
0 sjacket99 ★ KHGR PiAware 24-Jul-2015 Today 1,567 54,357
0 sjacket99 ★ KHGR PiAware 20-Sep-2015 Live 2,460 108,138
17 sjacket99 ★ KHGR PiAware 17-Jul-2015 Today 566 13,760
34 dallaskincaid KFDK PiAware 28-Jul-2015 Live 872 18,603
39 srodkey KCXY PiAware 12-Jul-2015 Today 1,647 33,134
39 srodkey KCXY PiAware 15-Aug-2015 Today 1,665 33,384


yup - same problem here since about 3 days or so. had multiple stats failures each between 30 minutes and some hours.
in my opinion not only mlat has problems - the whole stats and feed thing seems to be affected :frowning:
looks like feeders different from piaware do not have these outages …

Yeah, stats have been running slow for the last couple of days (at the time of this post they’re up to 1.2 hours behind, depending on site). Reprocessing stats for the 21st also threw a spanner in the works. They do catch up and they’re not losing data, they’re just not keeping up with realtime at the busier periods at the moment.

thank you for sharing this info - appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update.