Statistics Graphs for Flight Feeder

I have seen for Rasberry Pi users there is a way of obtaining detailed statistics graphs for things like maximum distance and average distance over a certain time period, like 7 days etc, but I cant seem to find anything like this for Flight Feeder box users.

Is there a way to obtain maximum distance results for flight feeder?
graphical format would be good, over a day, 7 days and perhaps a month.

Perhaps its something that could be added to Flight Aware statistics pages? It would be handy for me. I know its not something Flight Aware is all that interested in as the data becomes more un reliable at greater distance, but its still a measure that is of interest to many people.

You can install and run Virtual Radar Server and it will plot you the coverage graphs.

Thank you I will read up more about the VRS and see what it can do for me.

Not much luck if finding info about what VRS does or can do and about setting up wtih Flight feeder, Infor mostly about rasp pi.

Setting up VRS is pretty easy. Just go to

Tool → Options → Add Receiver → Data Format: AVR or Beast Raw Feed → Address: FF IP → Port: 30005/30002

This should get you started.