Statistics Going Down Instead of up


For the last week my stats have been going down. Example. 2056 flights tracked and 598371 positions reported. A week later it shows 1956 flights tracked and 568000 positions recorded. I am running version 3.6.1 piaware. I have restarted, rebooted everything several times. I even put the piaware card in another raspberry pi. Ever since it outomatically upgraded to 3.6.1 from the 3.5 version. It is not working. What can I do? Any suggestions would be helpful. All my settings are shown in green highlights on flightware, so they all should be reporting.


Why do you expect your stats to go up?

My stats start to go down each year when the summer travel seasons reaches its end,

you could look at nearby sites and see if they also see fewer planes.


Rain can get into the antenna connectors causing problems.


I was talking about the running total. Comulative totals not daily totals. I assume it keeps a running total from day one. I could be mistaken


I will check the antenna connection when I get home. Although I did use a waterproof seal tape around the connection. Might have to retape it or find some way to protect it better. Thanks


The “positions reported” and “aircraft reported” values on the website stats page are daily totals, not an all-time total. The numbers in the “ranking” table are 30-day totals.