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“Message from Webpage” stack overflow from line:0

I keep getting the above message in a dialog box when i type in my airport.

If anyone can help, it would be appreciated. … 4211_n.jpg

I’ve had the same problem intermittently today. Also having trouble displaying earth view on the maps. Don’t know if the two are connected.

I get the Stack Overflow message in IE8; but in Firefox 3.0, whatever the problem is it overdrives the video in my laptop and keeps the fan running at full speed constantly. :exclamation: :imp:

Sunday Night … all seems to be OK now … 8)

Mr. Ricer, Firefox is now at the 3.5 version…you might want to go to Mozilla and get the newer version.

3.5.5 to be exact - just downloaded the latest version a few minutes ago.

I think everyone should check the box that allows Firefox (and other programs) to automatically check for an update.

Is this problem still occuring? We suspect the cause has been resolved.

It appears to be resolved as it hasn’t happened since it was reported.