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St. Barts Endorcement

Just curious if anyone has the endorcement from the greatest surrendorers, I mean the French, gubment (misspelling on purpose) to land at St. Barts and is it really more over played that they make it. My FIL and his friend are heading down there next week to get this taken care of. I don’t see that it should be hard landing a PA46 with the JetProp conversion on that thing with the hardcore prop reversers (just got back from the “tiki hut” and we literally backed into our parking place in MYAT with the prop reversed).

An endorcement was required when I was flying to Barts… (15 years ago)
I was flying a Cessna 206.

I didn’t find it too bad and have been in there many times.
It’s far from your every-day experience.

The best time to land is just before the airport closes…
Park, then walk down the runway to the beach.

It’s pretty good spectator sport just to watch the planes come and go.

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Spell-check endorsement!


8 year old thread… thanks for your contribution though.