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SSH into Flightaware 4.0 with display support

Is it all possible to log into FlightAware 4.0 with display support SSH wise?

What do you mean by “display support”?

The version of Flightaware 4 FlightAware that has LCD support.

Do you mean the Flightaware owned flight feeder?

Yes I built a version of FlightAware 4 with LCD support and I wanting to SSH into the pie.

Did you put a empty file named ssh in the boot directory? That is necessary to enable ssh, at least I the standard piaware image or add-on package.

A FlightFeeder is the name of the hardware FA distributes for free to people in areas with little or no coverage. I am pretty sure you cannot ssh into that.

However, I see now reason why ssh should not work on the lcd piaware image released with piaware 4.0, as it you use and manage your own hardware, apart from that both versions may be technically related and therefore share any restrictions on ssh access.

Okay that sounds like the information I need. I’ll try putting a SSH.txt in the root directory of the SD card. Thank you for the tip as for I’m not too much of the programmer.

I have the image that was downloaded from the FlightAware site. Thank you for the help.

Needs to go into the boot partition (same directory as piaware-config.txt)

Ok I will try that. thx u O.

No luck yet… I put the SSH.txt in the boot area and no SSH yet in putty.

not ssh.txt, just ssh this will do

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Okay thank you for the help on that, I can build stuff and I’m good Electronics but when it comes to programming I’m pretty bad at so I thank everybody for the help. I need to be able to remote into the pi because the box is going to be outside on a antenna.

That worked! Thank You! :slight_smile:

Great if i could give u a help. Regards out of Germany

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