SPNGE out of KTPA?

Does anyone know what does SPNGE mean on each of the outbound routes from KTPA. It doesn’t appear to be an intersection or a fix.


Dave Vega

It’s also used on departures out of KSRQ Sarasota, FL).
I couldn’t find SPNGE in the FAA’s publication listing waypoints nor could I find it on departure plates for either KTPA or KSRQ

Google shows the following hits for SPNGE"

FlightAware > Live Flight Tracker > Chautauqua Airlines #6381
Route, SPNGE TAY J85 SPA J83 SPAYD NIKLS. Date, Monday, Nov 28, 2005. Duration,
2 hours 8 minutes. Progress. 1 hour 14 minutes left. 53 minutes …
CHQ6381 Flight Tracking and History - FlightAware - 24k - Cached - Similar pages

FlightAware > Live Flight Tracker > Delta Air Lines, Inc. #2070
Route, SPNGE TAY J75 DUNKN J210 JOINT J79 JFK ORW3. Date, Monday, Nov 28, 2005.
Duration, 2 hours 43 minutes. Status, Arrived! (track log) …
DL2070 (DAL2070) Delta Flight Tracking and History - FlightAware - 19k - Cached - Similar pages

SPNGE is nothing more than a DTA identifier in NAS. Departure Transition Areas are used between Approach Controls and Centers to indicate which way to vector a departure in even if there is a route or published SID to file.
The following questions were asked of the FAA.

(1) Is SPNGE a published fix?
(2) Does the FAA want SPNGE filed by pilots?

Answer to question (1) NO.

And question (2) NO.

However, SPNGE is only one of many DTA or ATAs throughout the NAS.
DTAs and ATAs are not accepted as flight plan elements filed by pilots.