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Split my PiAware setup in to two Pi's?

I have PiAware 3.6.3 running. On the same Pi I have other feeders also. This seems to be quite impractical when trying to update my PiAware.
So I wan’t to:

  • set up a new Pi running latest PiAware and only PiAware.
  • disable PiAware on the current Pi, but let my other feeders running, and get data from Dump1090 on the new Pi.
    Would that be possible?

br LR

What conflicts do you have with the update?

At the beginning i was also using Piaware with additional feeders on same device without problems.
Later i decided to install Raspbian and use the regular clients for all the feeders
Never had issues.

But if you want to have two feeders (one Piaware the other one for other feeders, where should be the problem?

Could you describe the issue?

There is no immediate need to use the new buster sd-card image.
Your stretch image will continue to work and update fine.

The other feeders you would want on a Buster installation as well at some point, the reasons for using buster would be the same.

You can update piaware without burning a new sd-card.

Ok, maybe I’m just confused of reading posts from people having issues during/after updates.
So I can actually just upgrade my PiAware from the Gears / drop down menu options then?

Yes, that’s not an issue.

I’m doing exactly the same thing, One pi3b running dump1090-fa and piaware, the second pi feeding 3 others. It’s important to note that you’ll configure let’s just say fr24 into beast mode and piwithdvbstick’sip:30005 will be what you point it to. Make sure you have a dhcp reservation set in your router for your pi with the dvb stick or if it changes it will break the feeds on your second pi.

So I did the upgrade. A bit from the log:

run-apt-get(927): Setting up piaware (3.8.0~bpo9+1) …

No error messages to see, but the GUI still writes 3.6.3. I have cleared my browser data and tried other browsers, but same result.

I would expect to see 3.8.0?

The GUI (SkyView map) shows version of dump1090-fa. The 3.6.3 is version of dump1090-fa. You have updated piaware only. Upgrade dump1090 also from stats page gear icon

Arh :wink: Great thanks! First time I try this update. Now it shows 3.8.0